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about the college


The college is the only professional college in the country covering the fields of architecture, civil engineering, management, landscape, engineering, and interior design.Cultivate innovative thinking design talents and cultivate engineering practice talents in the field.Founded in 1997,With architecture and urban planning, landscape architecture, construction management, civil engineering.The workshop system includes doctoral classes, master classes, master classes, and university departments, providing a complete teaching platform.

The core teaching features of the college

  • Promote innovative old house health inspection, safety disaster prevention, smart building, smart inspection, landscape practice, smart home, and engineering practice.
  • Implement the consistent teaching mechanism of "Teaching + Internship + Employment" to provide students with full-semester/full-year internship and employment opportunities, so as to achieve the effect of applying what they have learned and finding employment upon graduation.
  • Curriculum planning emphasizes shared resources, integration of homogeneous and cross-disciplinary curriculum integration.
  • Hold an exhibition of joint achievements in design and research, and combine with talent recruitment activities to increase graduate employment opportunities.
  • Promoting cross-domain study programs, applying what you have learned, internships and employment, and obtaining professional licenses.
  • Promote international overseas visits and exchanges, and enhance students' international vision