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Teacher and student honor

picture1The third-year students of the Product Design Group of the Department of Landscape Architecture, Zhuo Honghui, Luo Yiqing and Xie Yuting, worked together to design a set of board games with the theme of local characteristics, "See Xinpu in the Box". These three students are very I am glad that the board game designed for Xinpu Town, Hsinchu County has been affirmed. I hope that through this experience, I can design more interesting board games for my hometown or other communities, combining games with local characteristics.

picture2​​​​​​​Instructed by Wu Minghong and Lin Yuting from the Department of Engineering and Engineering, Chen Yian and Zhang Jiayu The "Perfect 23 Degrees-Women's Handheld Saw" invented by students, a hand-held saw specially made for women, so that women can easily complete woodworking tasks alone, and get rid of the stereotype that woodworking tools are only for men. The design features include the best 23 degrees The hand-held angle, the safety of the blade not falling off easily, and the space for storing the saw blade, etc., this work participated in the 2021 Hong Kong Innovation and Technology International Invention Exhibition, and competed with a total of 71 works from the United States, Russia, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia, etc. silver medal.


picture3Vice President Xie Hongnian and Professor Xiao Yanquan of the Department of Landscape Architecture and students Wang Shuchen, Fan Wenhong, Li Yicheng, and Dylan researched and developed the "Smart Earthquake Disaster Prevention System", which can make earthquake The resulting casualties and property losses are minimized. Such a good idea was recognized by the Titanium Award of the conference.

Under the guidance of teacher He Zhongtang, Yang Bangan and Fan Yaxuan, students of the Department of Industrial Product Design, developed a "foot clip training ball" to assist the elderly, which won the 2019 Tokyo Innovation Talent International Invention Gold Medal and Special Award.